Rising Demand For Six Months Visa!!!

On 17th July 2019, the UAE visitors get the grant of staying for six months by renewing their Visa by applying through the Ministry of Interior or e-channels system. The basic eligibility for applying for these visitors is that the person should be an entrepreneur, investor, excellent or intelligent student, or a professional who is a genius in his field. The essential purpose of the Visa is to serve bright students or professionals a chance to explore the local environment of UAE and the first stage to begin the paperwork for applying for a long-term visa. The overall cost for using Visa differs from country to country.


To apply for a visa, the applicant needs to fulfill the requirement of some specific documents like

  • A dependent passport
  • Passport-sized colored photo
  • A letter was proving the deposit for the Visa.
  • Deposit of 10 00,000 within three years.
  • Documents proving audit of the company and the assets are not mortgaged or loaned.
  • Documental evidence is proving the eligibility of the entrepreneur or a student.

Eligibility criteria:

The arrival of nationals on 30 days: this bunch of people enjoys exemption from making any advance visa arrangements because they already get 30 days free visits stamped in the Visa at any UAE airports. Countries like China, UK, and Singapore enjoy these rights on Visa.

The arrival of nationals on 90 days: this bunch of individuals is lucky enough to visit a country on 90 days free trial without making any advance arrangement for the same. Countries like Austria, Barbados, and Argentina have these rights.

Prepaid or Pre-arranged Visa:  this set of people need to directly apply for the 90 days prepaid Visa and renew it after that to stay in UAE for six months.

Countries like Pakistan, India has these rights.

Development In 2020:

To avoid the deadliest pandemic of Coronavirus hitting the world, certain developments took place in 2020, as the Extension of the date on renewal In visas till December for the people whose Visa expired in March.

The issuing of visas have stopped due to the increased spread of Coronavirus and might start issuing Visa at a later stage of this pandemic.

Golden Visa creates many employment and business opportunities for entrepreneurs in Dubai and worldwide in general. A job which will give more money, more options, recognition and everyday living is all a person can ask!


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