Detailed Description Of The UAE Regulations

What Are The Permitted Goods And Luggage's Determined By The UAE Authority?

According to the Federal Customs Authority, travelers need to follow the procedure prescribed by the authority for safe and healthy traveling. This rule lies under the prescription of GCC, custom laws, and all the country's relevant laws so that it ensures safe and risk-free traveling for travelers. In a conference, the committee announced the procedure and the commodities, cash, luggage a traveler can bring and by abiding by the rules.

The authority promoted this idea in various entertainment channels to take it in a motivational way and understand the need for these changes. Movies in multiple languages reflect the strict the procedure's the importance and educates the travelers in traveling customs, techniques, their rights, and obligations to abide by the customs laws under the GCC authority.

The permitted luggage's for the traveling areas follows:

  • The baggage that travelers can carry is radio, cameras, medicines with a proper and prescribed application, printers, televisions, personal sports equipment, and unique products' fundamental necessity.
  • The products like alcohol should not exceed a level of DH 3000 and cigarettes, not more than 200.
  • The cash should not exceed DH 60000.

Restriction and prohibition in commodities like:

  • Narcotics
  • Nylon Fishery nets
  • Animals
  • You cannot bring Contaminations of nuclear rays, chemicals, and dust.
  • Religiously offensive pictures or structure.
  • You cannot carry Gambling tools and machines.

However, authority gives consent in bringing a few prohibited goods like cosmetics, personal care products, raw diamond, animals, weapons, ammunition, explosives, medicines, fireworks drugs, wireless devices, and alcohols. But this permission is granted for very rare and unique purposes. You have to take the highest officials' license under the authority, referring to the situations' urgency.

In case the travelers fail to follow the procedure and break the rules, they are answerable to the authority FCA and are bound to pay the penalty for that:

  • According to the customs law, smuggling is illegal, and there is no entry. Suppose anyone is engaged in smuggling while traveling or beyond that are bound to pay a fine. In severe cases, the convicted person will face life imprisonment and is liable to pay a considerable amount for committing the offense.
  • The false sign of evade duties, presenting forged documents, or any such action will lead a person to terrible consequences after that
    Hence, it is of utmost necessity to abide by the rules for a safe and peaceful traveling!

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